Eco Schools Environmental Review

Y3 and Y4 have been auditing our Eco Schools work, checking on the progress of projects planned in the last Environmental review. We have completed a lot of projects over the past two years! Our next steps will be to draw up a new Action Plan and come up with some new Eco Codes.

The view from the Wetland!

Late April 2017. The bulbs and pond plants planted by Y2 and Y3 look healthy. The bog gardens were topped up with water during the dry spell.

Newts have been spotted in the pond!

If you look very carefully you can see the ‘wildlife ladders’ made by Reception. They were made from bundles of sticks tied together. Great work Reception!


Air Pollution Project

Y6 have been working with Jenny from ThinkTravel to find out how clean the air is around Cheltenham.

They started out by placing diffusion tubes in the school grounds and on the main approaches to the school. The tubes were sent away to a lab for analysis.

Jenny will be working with the children to interpret and present the data collected from the tubes as well as data gathered by a specialised air pollution monitoring van parked by the school entrance.

By the end of the project we will have contributed to an air quality map for Cheltenham.