Designing a water feature

Y3 and Y4 have been investigating different kinds of water feature. They have studied cut-away diagrams of pond pumps to see how the water is forced around the feature. They have looked at how the water circulates.

” I have learnt how a pump forces water upwards.” Lewis

“I have found out about the different kinds of water features.” Rupert

“I enjoyed drawing the diagram.” Thomas

“I enjoyed looking at the different types of water features.” Louis


A Reflective Garden For Lakeside

We have been working hard to develop our outdoor spaces.

We haves places where we can grow and experiment with growing. We have places where we can get closer to and study wildlife. We have spaces where we can play sport. We have places where we can play imaginatively. We have places where we can tell stories.

At Lakeside we think it is important that every pupil has the chance to take part in the design, planning and building of our spaces. This is why the whole school is coming together to think about a new type of space – a Reflective Garden.

Our Reflective Garden will be a space where children can go as a class or in small groups to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday school life, to think, reflect on an aspect of their learning, or just be inspired by the beauty of the environment we have created together. It will be a garden that celebrates unity.

We are taking our first steps in the design of a space which will continue to evolve over time.

Every pupil from Y1 to Y6 has had a chance to select their favourite images of features from an extensive bank of ideas. The ‘Happy Africa Club’ have put together their own Mood Board.

We will keep you updated.






Creating our new Eco Codes

Eco Codes help us to tell the school and wider community what Eco schools at Lakeside is all about. As we are a large school, we have decided to have more than one- look out for them in a corridor near you!


Eco Schools Environmental Review

Y3 and Y4 have been auditing our Eco Schools work, checking on the progress of projects planned in the last Environmental review. We have completed a lot of projects over the past two years! Our next steps will be to draw up a new Action Plan and come up with some new Eco Codes.