Orienteering: how to Leapfrog

A lovely autumnal day for orienteering!
Today we revisited the taking of a bearing before finding out how many of our paces cover a distance of ten metres.
We tried out the technique of ‘leap frogging’, heading off on a bearing in order to navigate safely away from an imaginary cliff edge. This technique requires the combined skills (and concentration) of two people. Person (A) takes a bearing and heads off towards a feature (e.g. tree) in the landscape ahead in the same alignment, pacing the equivalent of ten metres before stopping and waiting. Person (B) checks that person (A) is on the correct bearing, requesting that they move a few steps to the left or right if adjustments are required. When person (B) is happy they move to join person (A) before continuing another ten metres on the same bearing. It is now the turn of person (A) to check on person (B) hence ‘leap frogging’.